edited by Alexandra Kruse (series editor Della Hooke). Society for Landscape Studies, supplementary series 3, 2022

Edited by Alexandra Kruse, Hans Renes, Goran Andlar, Csaba Centeri, Sebastian Eiter, Viviana Ferrario, Della Hooke, Zdeněk Kučera, Oskar Puschmann, Maurizia Sigura, Martina Slámová, Mateja Šmid Hribar, Jana Špulerová, Filip Šrajer, Dagmar Štefunková, Mimi Urbanc, Bénédicte Gaillard

In former times, enclosed land was a very common feature of European landscapes. Fields were bounded by walls or plants, with a huge variety of material and techniques. Some features are local whilst others are widespread over the whole of Europe. What they all have in common is that they are diminishing in extent – in some countries by up to 50 per cent.

This book summarises the results of years of research by members of the Institute for Research on European Agricultural Landscapes (EUCALAND), a network that promotes understanding of the cultural and agricultural landscapes of Europe.  The book is divided into two sections – a first part by multiple authors which provides a comprehensive analysis of enclosed landscapes across Europe, and a second part which contains descriptions of national situations.

CONTENT: 80 pages with colour maps and photographs, and tables.

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Abstracts from this volume

1. Enclosed landscapes in the Croatian Adriatic
Goran Andlar and Filip Šrajer

2. Enclosed landscapes in Germany
Alexandra Kruse

3. Enclosed landscapes in France
Alexandra Kruse and Bénédicte Gaillard

4. Enclosed landscapes in Hungary
Csaba Centeri

5. Enclosed landscapes in Italy.
Maurizia Sigura and Viviana Ferrario

6. Enclosed landscapes in Norway.
Sebastian Eiter and Oskar Puschmann

7. Enclosed landscapes in Slovenia.
Mateja Šmid Hribar and Mimi Urbanc

8. Enclosed landscapes in Slovakia.
Jana Špulerová, Dagmar Štefunková, and Martina Slámová

9. Enclosed landscapes in the United. Kingdom.
Della Hooke

10. Enclosed landscapes in the Netherlands.
Hans Renes

Abstracts from this volume