Fen and River in Lincolnshire


Saturday 16 October 2021

This online conference was held in association with the University of Lincoln.


0945 Welcome and introduction – Charles Watkins, Chairman of the Society for Landscape Studies

Session 1 Chaired by Carenza Lewis, University of Lincoln

1000 Mark Macklin (Keynote paper) Farmers, Floods and the Ferrell Cell: UK rivers and environmental change.

1040 Mark Gardiner Medieval landscape and land use in the Lincolnshire fenlands.

1120 BREAK

1140 Simon Pearson Draining and undraining the fens: revisiting Sir Joseph Banks’ role in Lincolnshire agriculture.

1220 Tom Lane Mineral from the marshes: Coastal salt-making in Lincolnshire.


Session 2 Chaired by Hadrian Cook, Society for Landscape Studies

1400 Susan Oosthuizen  Managing early medieval wetlands in Eastern England.

1440 Josephine Westlake and Mark Macklin Latest work on the evolution of the Witham-Trent river system.

1520 BREAK

1540 Paul Everson and David Stocker Worship, the Wodwo and the War Pony: another aspect of the river Witham.

1620 Mark Knight Inhabiting water: the (Fen) landscape context of the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement c.850 BC.

1700 Further questions and discussion

1715 Conference ends

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Related reading

Knight, M., & Brudenell, M. (2020) Pattern and process: Landscape prehistories from Whittlesey Brick Pits: the King’s Dyke & Bradley Fen excavations 1998–2004. View and download at University of Cambridge

Lane, T. (2018) Mineral from the marshes: Coastal salt-making in Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Archaeology and Heritage Reports Series 12.  View at Heritage Lincolnshire

Oosthuizen, S. (2017) The Anglo-Saxon Fenland. Windgather Press. View at Oxbow Books

Field meeting

A follow-up field meeting is being planned for June 2022.