Landscape History is the international refereed journal of the Society for Landscape Studies. It offers a common meeting-ground for all concerned with the material and cultural evaluation of human use of the land. The ultimate intention is to secure a more penetrating comprehension of landscape evolution and an overall narrative account of landscape prehistory and history, together with an understanding of how this has influenced, and may usefully guide, the management of the present-day landscape.

Editor: Dr Della Hooke, F.S.A.

Landscape History is published annually. ISSN 0143 - 3768

Individual back numbers are available as indicated. For pricing details and supply contact: Jeremy Lake, 32 College Road, Cheltenham GL53 7HX.

Landscape History includes reviews of publications concerning landscape studies. Publications for review should be mailed to: Dr Susan Oosthuizen, University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall, Madingley CB23 8AQ.

Landscape History, Supplementary Series. These are occasional publications dealing with specific themes. Volume 1, Landscape, the Richest Historical Record, ed. D. Hooke, and Volume 2, Society, Landscape and Environment in Upland Britain, eds I. D. Whyte and A. J. L. Winchester are currently available. To order, contact Jeremy Lake (order form).


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Also available for 8.50 each including postage are Landscape: the Richest Historical Record and Society, Landscape and Environment in Upland Britain.


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2: Society, Landscape and Environment in Upland Britain


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